The EBPP company shows strong growth in the first half of 2015

New York, NY, August 27, 2015 – Transactis, a leading provider of electronic billing and payment solutions (EBPP/EIPP), has signed long-term contracts with four of the biggest banks in America in the first half of 2015. These large banks expand the reach of Transactis’ digital technology, BillerIQ, to hundreds of thousands of businesses of all sizes, helping these companies improve their billing and payment processes while increasing customer satisfaction. Currently, Transactis successfully serves 11 of the top 50 U.S. banks including 7 of the top 15.

Transactis has a strong history of partnering with some of the largest and most respected financial institutions, technology companies and business processing outsourcers. Through these relationships, Transactis’ digital solutions, robust technology and award winning operations are offered to the 4.2 million billers across many industries including healthcare, insurance, government, utilities, property management, education, manufacturing, distribution, financial services and more. Transactis’ growth is driven by its experienced team, strong reseller relationships, and BillerIQ’s unique and comprehensive cloud-based platform.

“I am so pleased and excited by the growth Transactis is experiencing,” said Transactis’ CEO, Joe Proto. “Everyone on our Transactis team is 100% dedicated to our BillerIQ product, which has made it the most comprehensive and highest quality solution in the market. Each person at Transactis works tirelessly to not only develop and expand our technology, but also to provide our partners with full sales, marketing, technical, and operational support. These recent wins are a credit to the team’s commitment to our clients and will make 2015 our best year yet!”