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Sector(s): HCM
Status: Exit
StarVest Company Since: October 2013
Company Founded: 2009

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PeopleMatter provides a vertically integrated talent management solution specifically built to serve hourly workforces in the services industry – restaurant, retail, and hospitality. PeopleMatter’s easy-to-use SaaS platform helps its enterprise customers hire, develop, schedule, and engage talent, through an integrated set of modules, as well as offering tax credit, e-verify and assessment services.

George Mackie, President & CEO

peoplematter-leadership-george-mackie_0In 2010 George joined the venture capital firm of Noro-Moseley Partners as a Venture Partner where he worked with NMP in evaluating new investment prospects and assisted in due diligence. In 2011 he co-invested with NMP in Adaptivity, Inc. a SaaS – based software solutions and services company focused on accelerating enterprise IT and Cloud Transformation initiatives. Mackie initially became the Executive Chairman and subsequently the interim CEO before leading the sale of the Company to EMC, Inc. in 2013.

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