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Sector(s): Data & Analytics
Status: Active
StarVest Company Since: March 2011
Company Founded: 2009


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OpenSlate is a social video analytics firm focused on role of content in brand advertising. Our proprietary metrics about video content quality, brand safety and subject matter are used by hundreds of marketers to target their online video media. OpenSlate measures and scores all ad-supported content on YouTube and offers data that helps brands connect with social video influencers.

Mike Henry, CEO

Mike Henry has more than 15 years of experience in online advertising. Under his leadership, OpenSlate¬†has developed successful lines of business in premium video advertising sales, sales marketing, consulting and new ad technology. Previously, Mike was SVP, Sales, for Veoh Networks, where he led the team’s monetization strategy and built the ad sales and marketing teams. While at Veoh, Mike launched a ground-breaking user-targeting platform that allowed marketers to address audiences based on the wide range of videos they consumed. Before Veoh, Mike held several key posts at Dow Jones & Company, including SVP of Dow Jones Integrated Solutions, the company’s cross platform global advertising division. He was also VP, Ad Sales, at the Wall Street Journal Online, where he built the company’s first online sales, sales marketing and ad operations teams.

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