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Sector(s): Data & Analytics
Status: Exit to LittleJohn & Co. for $175MM
StarVest Company Since: September 2002
Company Founded: December 1999

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Newgistics is the premier provider of intelligent returns management solutions for the retail, medical supplies and healthcare, service parts, telecommunications equipment and computing industries. With a team of experts from major retail, supply-chain, logistics and technology companies, Newgistics has combined innovative technology and best practice methodology for returns management to develop Newgistics Intelligent Returns Management sm solutions (IRM). These solutions deliver the greatest convenience for customers while maximizing a company’s control of the entire returns process. Newgistics has the most extensive returns management network in the industry with a suite of IRM solutions that span the entire return cycle, including the flagship solution SmartLabel®, which features a dynamic barcode integrated with customer data at the point-of-sale; Advanced Returns Notifications sm giving the entire returns process unparalleled end-to-end visibility; optimized transportation through our national returns-dedicated network that lowers the cost of handling returns; customized reporting that impacts inventory management; processing and disposition to help lower operation costs; and, returns related marketing and customer loyalty programs.

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